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According to the Beverly Hills Dentist, research has shown that coconut has amazing health and well-being benefits.

There are literally too many to benefits to list here. But, across the board, coconut shows amazing abilities to boost the health of people who consume it. We have compiled a list of 9 ways to reap the health benefits of coconut.

1. For cooking: Cooking with coconut is an amazing way to add flavor in a healthy way to any food. Many cultures cook with coconut and it adds amazing flavor in a healthy way to a variety of dishes

2. As a healthy substitute for butter: Instead of using butter, which can be a very unhealthy choice, coconut can be a great alternative for pies, cookies and other baked goods.

3. Helps in absorption of nutrients: Because of its adhesive nature, adding coconut oil to healthy foods like steamed veggies or smoothie drinks is an amazing way to boost the amount of nutrients the body absorbs.

4. As an appetite suppression: Coconut oil is a great way to suppress the appetite in a healthy manner. If you are trying to eat less, take a teaspoon of coconut oil. It is both packed with vitamins and suppresses the appetite.

5. As an energy booster: Coconut has fantastic energy boosting properties called medium chain triglycerides, which packs more energy than coffee.

6. Metabolism boost: Along with increasing energy, coconut oil is an amazing way to boost metabolism. With just a teaspoon of coconut oil, you can do wonders for your metabolism.

7. Helps with digestion: Coconut lubricates the digestive tract, which allows the food you eat to pass by easier. This helps you digest food easier.

8. Ulcer reduction: Coconut has the unique ability to rebuild the stomach lining. People with ulcers can greatly benefit from the properties of ulcers.

9. Improve blood sugar levels: One of the unique properties of coconut is that it decreases cholesterol while increasing the body’s ability to tolerate of glucose.

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