When you are missing a tooth, or if you have a tooth that is so badly damaged that it must be extracted, you have several options for replacement. Dental implants are an easy, durable, and the most economic option for many patients with one or more missing teeth. Dental implants have several advantages over a bridge or dentures. Your implants can last a minimum of 20 years or more if they are cared for properly. They also look and feel just like your natural teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges, you can continue eating all of your favorite foods without worrying about the implant becoming damaged.

Dental Implant Advantages:

  • Permanent, fixed teeth that do not require adhesives.
  • Identical to permanent teeth for regular care. Brush and floss as you normally would.
  • They become part of your body, so they have unparalleled comfort and do not irritate the gums or surrounding tissues.
  • Allow you to eat all of your favorite foods and give greater force during the bite over other replacements.
  • Prevent bone deterioration of the jaw and shifting of the remaining teeth.
  • Restore a youthful, healthy appearance to your face and mouth.

beverly hills dental implants If You Have Missing Teeth, Get Dental Implants For A Perfect, Natural Looking Smile!

What Is The Process Of Getting An Implant Placed?

First, Dr. Zadeh will take X-Rays to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Most people who are healthy enough for a tooth extraction are likely healthy enough to receive an implant. If you need an extraction, the first part of your implant can sometimes be placed on the same day with an immediate loading or same day dental implant! During your consultation, Dr. Zadeh will also often take a CT scan to make sure there are no abnormalities or weaknesses that cannot be picked up by the X-Ray alone.

If your jaw bone is too thin or weakened by age or wear and neglect, you may need to undergo a bone transplant to thicken the jaw bone so it is strong enough to receive an implant. When Dr. Zadeh feels that the bone is ready, he will set up and appointment to place the post into the jaw bone.

During this appointment, you will be sedated for your safety and comfort, so make arrangements ahead of time to get home. After your dental implant post is placed, Dr. Zadeh will apply an abutment and temporary crown over the post to help shape the gums to hold the permanent crown.

No matter how you get your implant done, you will walk out of his office with a new tooth that is ready for use. After the gums have healed for several weeks to a few months, Dr. Zadeh will set up a follow up appointment to make sure everything is going well and place the permanent crown on the post. You will then have another follow-up appointment to track your progress and everything has healed properly and that your implant has been assimilated by your jaw.

From there on, you won’t need to do anything special except come in for your regular check up and brush and floss your teeth. It’s as simple as that!

What Kind Of Implants Are There?

Currently, there are two forms of tooth implant on the market. Zirconia and Titanium. Zirconia implants, often called zirconium implants, are made of a ceramic that looks more natural at the neck (base of the tooth) and is preferred by many patients and dentists for its unparalleled esthetics. Titanium has been the standard bearer for several decades and is a sturdy, lightweight metal, whose properties make it fuse well with bone and the surrounding tissues.

Dr. Zadeh uses both, but prefers zirconium dental implants for their natural appearance. Unlike titanium implants, which have a greyish color and can be unsightly if you have future gum recession or they are placed into or behind thin gum tissue, the post, abutment, and crown of the zirconia implant will be carefully created to match your teeth as closely as possible.

If you are interested in having an implant placed or learning more about dental implants, call Dr. Zadeh’s office at (310) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator to schedule your consultation. Dr. Zadeh and his skilled staff that is happy to answer any questions that you may have.