Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Tooth whitening Beverly HillsEveryone wants pearly white teeth, just like the actors they see on the silver screen. However, very few people are born with perfectly white teeth, and even those people must work hard to maintain them. You can have what nature did not give you. Dr. Zadeh, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, offers several different methods for teeth whitening in Beverly Hills.

Although all available whitening systems work to various extents, the tooth whitening procedures that Dr. Zadeh offers are more effective than over-the-counter tooth whitening kits because they are professional strength, and many of them are applied by Dr. Zadeh or his assistant. The customized application of the bleach solution, whether by the specially made trays or manually by the dental staff ensures that the strength of the solution remains undiluted throughout the time the solution is in contact with the teeth. Unlike over the counter tooth whitening kits, which only whiten the surfaces of the teeth that are easily visible, these procedures whiten every surface of the tooth. This ensures that you have even coverage and results that last long after the treatment is completed.

While many over-the-counter teeth bleaching treatments can give you the initial results you are looking for, the results often fade after a few weeks because they lack the strength and efficacy of an in-house dental tooth whitening process and the expertise of a cosmetic dentist and his staff. With proper care, a tooth whitening treatment can give you visibly whiter teeth for several years.

Deep Tooth Bleaching for that Perfect White

One of the most popular procedures that Dr. Zadeh offers, is the “deep bleaching procedure.” In this tooth whitening procedure, the teeth are rendered more permeable to the bleaching solution. A highly concentrated solution is applied under direct supervision in the office. The patient goes home with special trays and works on them for 10 days. Then, at a second office visit, more concentrated bleach is applied and the teeth are sealed. This is the most effective way of making the teeth their whitest. It is effective against the most stubborn stains including deep coffee and other stains or Tetracycline discolorations that are thought impossible to remove by ordinary tooth whitening and bleaching techniques.

Laser Teeth Whitening by ZOOM!

Another option is Zoom! Laser Tooth Whitening. The Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure uses a concentrated peroxide gel that whitens the teeth immediately. Dr. Zadeh applies the gel in the office, and in about one hour, your teeth will be several shades whiter. This system is faster than many other whitening procedures, and no anesthesia is needed. A disadvantage of this system is that the results you get in a single session are final and in order to get more whitening, another session must be attended. Often, this Zoom whitening is combined with the take-home teeth whitening kit to take advantage of the benefits of both systems. The results are immediate and your teeth can maintain their whiteness over the years.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

These offer a great deal of convenience. These kits can be used in conjunction with an in-office procedure to maintain the brilliant whiteness between treatments. Using the take-home kits in this manner is especially helpful if you smoke or drink a lot of staining beverages, such as coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can purchase a take-home whitening kit to use on its own as a method to whiten your teeth. The great advantage of this system is that you have full control over how white your teeth get and you can touch them up rather inexpensively and without having to come to the office.

If you have staining or other discoloration that is resistant or intractable to bleaching, Dr. Zadeh may suggest porcelain veneers instead to give your teeth that healthy, white appearance.

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most economical ways to improve the appearance of your smile — call us today at (310) 273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator to set up your appointment and walk out in about an hour with a refreshed, dazzling smile!