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Best Ways to Prevent Dental Implant Failure

Looking to get a better understanding of dental implant failure? Watch this video series to learn about the importance of healthy bone for dental implant surgery and visit to learn more. Dr Parsa Zadeh explains how big of a role that having healthy bone plays towards preventing dental implant failure. Dr. Parsa Zadeh answers a series of important dental implant questions like:

-Can you place a dental implant in an acidic surface?

-How to prevent the postponing of dental implant surgery?

-Is sclerosed bone good for implant surgery?

-How to increase chance of success with dental implant surgery?

-What to do when an implant environment becomes acidic?

In this video, Dr. Parsa Zadeh explains that a trabecular bone pattern is typically what is seen as healthy bone for dental implant surgery. As a dental implant specialist, you will learn to notice when there is periapical lesion if you do not see trabecular bone. If it is the case that you do not see trabecular bone, then it will either be a lack of bone which is osteopenia or it could be sclerosed bone. It is imperative you modify your osteotomy if you are working in sclerosed bone. If it is a chronic periapical abscess, then the ph of the area gets reduced and will then become acidic. When working with an acidic implant surface area, by using sodium bicarbonate you will reduce the chance of dental implant failure as it is used as a buffer for acid.

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