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For the past several years, metal implants have been the most popular dental implant option available on the market. With implants becoming more popular, alternative implant materials have been approved by the FDA over the past decade.

If you are getting dental implants for the first time, it is important to consider the pros and cons of all implant materials. Metal implants, such as titanium implants, are the longest standing implant material on the market, are the most common, and are also the most affordable. On the other hand, non-metal implants, such as ceramic implants, are a great option for those who have allergies to metal.

Metal implants are a viable as they are tried-and-true. Many patients who receive titanium implants report no major concerns even decades later. Titanium’s success rate with implant patients makes it a very common implant option that many patients decide to use to this day. Their simple design, versatility, strength, and durability are all reasons that many dentists and patients alike trust metal implants.

However, new implant materials, like ceramic, could have a more pleasing appearance in the front teeth. Zirconia implants, a type of ceramic, can offer patients a more realistic look closer to the appearance of their natural teeth. These implants are also very durable and have a low affinity for plaque buildup.

Zirconia implants are not a good fit for everyone who is in need of a dental implant. It’s delicate design and difficult implantation put limitations on who may receive ceramic implants.

While both ceramic and metal implants are FDA approved and safe, it’s important to have a conversation with Dr. Zadeh during your initial consultation to see what your options are. Personal preference, doctor recommendation, and affordability are all factors to consider when it comes to deciding which implant is right for you.

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