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Dear Patients:

As details of the impact of the coronavirus on the Los Angeles area continue to emerge, it is fair to ask what we are doing to maintain and support the safety of you and our staff at this time. 

At this moment, our office remains open and our staff remains healthy. As has always been our practice, we continue to either sterilize, dispose of, or disinfect everything that comes in contact with patients. In addition, we are implementing a few other logistical changes to further assure everybody’s safety against this virus:

  1. We have stocked effective surface disinfectants and protective gears that we can generously use, and we have been using them more liberally than our routine
  2. We have stopped shaking hands or hugging.
  3. We have modified our scheduling, so that the chance of more than one person in the reception area is almost none.
  4. We are asking that patients’ rides / companies wait in the ground-floor lobby that is large enough for people to be socially isolated.
  5. We are providing hand sanitizers and wipes for you to use in the office and for using the restrooms.
  6. If you want to get out of your car and walk directly into the treatment room, let us know, we can arrange that.

We will continue to listen to the recommendations of authorities and will work to proactively monitor the situation as it continues to develop. Should there be any impact to your care, we will inform you immediately.

In spite of these precautions, if you do not feel comfortable coming in for a dentist visit, we completely understand. Just let us know and we can re-arrange your appointment accordingly.

Be safe and stay healthy,

Parsa Zadeh, DDS, FICOI, MAGD