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There are a large number of variables to consider when getting dental veneers that affect their cost and quality:

  • What material are the veneers made of?
  • What is the training and experience of the dentist and staff?
  • Is the dentist an expert with porcelain veneers?
  • How satisfied are previous patients after several years?

The Los Angeles area is one of the most fashion conscious in the world, and as a result, porcelain veneers costs can run very high. However, as we do all of our work in-house, our work ranges from $800 to $2,000 per tooth on average compared to the $1,500 to $3,500 charged by Dr. Zadeh’s competitors.

Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh tries to be as conservative as possible to help keep the cost down and reduce the number of teeth affected. Despite what other dentists may tell you about your smile to upsell you, we only want to give you veneers on the teeth that need them. Dr. Zadeh will offer alternatives for teeth that are less prominent or may not be stained, crooked or misaligned enough to warrant a veneer to help defray the cost of getting your perfect dream smile.

Our dentist and team have tested and used all types of dental veneers in our nearly 30 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry. We work with each patient individually to find the best material to match their teeth and take various dental and health needs into consideration. While this may have some effect on the price of your veneers, it is better to have them done right the first time. This helps avoid potentially costly follow ups and additional procedures due to ill-fitting veneers and other problems.

Porcelain Veneers Done Right, Every Time

Dr. Zadeh understands there is no margin for error in the practice of veneer placement. When he places your veneers, his meticulous and thorough approach makes sure everything is absolutely perfect. Placement will be seamless and natural looking, every single time. Touch-ups and follow-ups, except years later to refresh your veneers, will be otherwise unnecessary! This saves you both time and money by getting it done right the first time. By taking your individual needs into account, we can craft the perfect porcelain veneer for each of your teeth, even if they require slightly different materials to get the right look and feel.

When factoring the cost of dental veneers, you should also think about the benefits to your outlook and life. In fashion-conscious Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, people will react more positively to your healthy, beautiful smile.

High-quality dental work can be expensive, but the greatest costs come from having to do the work more than once. Dr. Zadeh sees patients regularly who have started or completed treatment elsewhere and need to have their work repaired or redone. This is especially true of patients who sought “budget” treatments. When considering cosmetic work, the quality and longevity of the work performed is of the utmost importance. Your veneers should last you at least 10 years, and having it done right the first time can ensure a smile that you will enjoy for years to come. Dr. Zadeh’s dental office in the Beverly Hills, California, area works with you and without compromise to give you the greatest smile you have ever had.

Financing Options

We offer a number of dental financing options that enable you to pay over time. This way, you can start enjoying your veneers as soon as they are placed. We will even take care of all the paperwork and hammer out a plan that will work for you! Contact us at 310-273-9919 or email our appointment coordinator today to learn more.