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The AlloDerm® graft is a form of soft tissue grafting that can help repair areas that have been damaged by periodontal disease. Whereas other grafting procedures use your own tissues to repair damaged areas, AlloDerm grafts are made from a synthetic material constructed from real donated human tissue used to stimulate tissue healing and cell regrowth. The donated human tissue is processed to make it safe for use, and the FDA has approved the resulting AlloDerm graft strips for use in surgical procedures. The AlloDerm material is grafted to the recessed gum area, covering the roots of teeth and leaving you without any additional incisions or wounds.

AlloDerm does not simply serve as a covering for your exposed tooth root, nor is it like a permanent bandage. Rather, AlloDerm contains a complex collagen format that stimulates the regrowth of your own healthy tissue and the revascularization of that tissue, eventually leaving you with brand new healthy tissue that has its own blood supply. This means that it can continue to grow and fight off infection with white blood cells. Additionally, AlloDerm helps to keep your body from rejecting the new cells and aids in preventing the resulting graft from failing.

With this procedure, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh clears away infected tissue from the recessed area then shapes a strip of AlloDerm to fit the resulting wound and cover any exposed roots of your teeth. Then, he affixes the AlloDerm strip over the wound, and the process is complete. There is no need to remove any healthy tissue from the palate of your mouth and no need for sutures. The AlloDerm strip itself usually remains in your mouth for several months before it disintegrates, but the natural collagen tissue that it leaves behind is incredibly long-lasting.

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