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We acquired the revolutionary caries (cavity) detecting laser DIAGNOdent™, which allows incredibly accurate detection of early cavities. These early-detected cavities can be conservatively treated without using the drill and without the needle, a fact that many of our patients find extremely appealing. It is minimally invasive and is much less uncomfortable than traditional detection methods that use tools that can potentially poke and cause discomfort. We tell our patients that what DIAGNOdent does for dental cavities is what the mammogram does for breast cancer: it allows early detection that in turn allows more conservative and aesthetically pleasing treatment. This way, more of the tooth can be preserved and small cavities can be addressed before they become a larger issue.

When we use DIAGNOdent, our dentist and team will simply pass a handheld laser over your teeth. The laser will then provide a numeric rating to indicate the health level of the tooth and will send an alert if tooth decay is detected. We can then evaluate the tooth and determine which type of treatment is best for halting the decay and restoring your oral health. This state-of-the-art laser cavity detection system is proven to be 90% accurate.

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