Reasons of Dental Implant Failure | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

Reasons of Dental Implant Failure | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

What are the Reasons of Dental Implant Failure?

Looking to get a better understanding of dental implant failure? Watch this video series to learn the four factors that go into preventing dental implant failure and visit to learn more. Dr Parsa Zadeh explains the four factors that go into the success of dental implant surgery and how every dental implant failure is because a failure of one of these 4 factors. Dr. Parsa Zadeh answers a series of important dental implant questions like:

-What are the 4 factors of dental implant success?
-How does dental implant failure happen?
-Is there a best dental implant system?
-Does the dental implant brand matter?
-What is the definition of a healthy jaw bone for the sake of implantology?

In this video, Dr. Parsa discusses the four factors that must be included to prevent failed dental implants. In order for a dental implant to work there must be: a clean piece of titanium to be placed in the bone, the bone itself must be healthy so it does not reject the titanium or cause a foreign body reaction, the implant must become immobile, and the implant will need to remain immobile for a certain period of time. The body itself does not recognize any certain dental implant system brand and as long as there is a clean piece of titanium used, then the body will go to work in not seeing it as a foreign threat and will start healing around it. Take a look at the patient’s medical history and if the patient is healthy, then it is typically safe to assume that the bone is healthy itself. Healthy bone f can be seen as a trabecular pattern.

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What are the Reasons of Dental Implant Failure? TRANSCRIPT

This is under physiology of dental
implants. Why dental implants work?
Now, if this is somewhat repetition to
y’all but I said, there are, everything in
Implantology pivots on four facts, if you
know these four facts all the rules of
implantology come from these four facts
and every implant failure is because of
violation of one or more of these fours.
I think we covered it last time, did we?
Hygiene? Yeah, yeah well it’s
part of the implantology. Okay, so what are
the four factors that all the implantology
rules are based on and if you violate
any of them you’ll get implant failure.
Everything that we learn about
implantology is based on making sure
that these four factors are not violated.
So in order for an implant to work there
are four factors. We need , “Whats the first thing?”
Patient selection? Okay,
patient selection it goes, okay. Healthy
bone, now we’re not we’re placing the
implant in the bone so I would say okay
healthy bone yes that’s one. What are the
other? Clean surface? Clean,
clean piece of titanium thank
Not hygiene, clean piece of titanium.
Hygiene is afterwards, so we need a
healthy patient, healthy bone, we need a
clean piece of titanium and then what?
How they should be in respect to each
Well, titanium is biovompatible, so as
long as we’re choosing titanium we already
have the biocompatibility. See there are
four factors, we need to add a clean
piece of titanium, in a healthy bone and
can it be moving and wiggling around, so
what’s the third factor? Immobility.
Immobility, now if we keep it immobile for
a day, would it work for several months?
Okay, so what are the four factors? Lets
revisit. Whats the first thing?
Before that, let’s do it in the order.
that is important. First, clean piece of
titanium. See I’m very careful by saying
clean piece of titanium because it
really does not matter the brand you use
or the design you use, okay?
Body does not recognize brand I promise
you that. When you put that implant there
the body does not say oh okay that’s
Straumann so I’m going to work at it
or oh that’s a crappy Korean maker
forget it, I’m not going to integrate.
Not going to happen. Body cannot
tell the brand, cannot tell the design
If it’s clean titanium, the body goes
to work in not seeing it.
Remember, we said it works because what
it doesn’t see. Where does the
cleanliness come into the play? Because
if it’s contaminated then there will be
foreign body reaction but for it to work,
we don’t want any reaction, we want this
to be passing, so we call it clean piece
of titanium. It could be a nail, it could
be a plate, it could be a screw, it could
be anything as long as it’s a clean
piece of titanium that will do for body.
Okay, second factor was which one?Healthy bone.
Healthy bone, so healthy bone starts with a
healthy patient. Okay, so how do we know
that the bone is healthy?

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