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Recently, we introduced a CEREC machine to our office. This device allows us to skip past the ‘temporary’ part of your treatment plan and walk out with a fixed permanent the same day as your appointment. Let’s be honest, a lot of us are busy professionals, parents, or students, and sometimes all three at the same time! None of us have time to take two or three visits to complete our treatment plan. I can now give you full, start to finish, same day dentistry.
With the advent and refinement of CAD/CAM technology and automated machines like the CEREC, which creates matched porcelain dental appliances at the same visit, there is no more need for return visits other than routine checkups when you get a dental appliance like crowns, veneers, or implants placed. It also removes the need for putty impressions, which many patients find unpleasant and even foul tasting. By taking a digital image of your mouth the first time, our laboratory can manufacture you a new tooth or veneer almost instantly. It may sound too good to be true, but the advances in dental science in the past decade have made this possible. While CAD/CAM and CEREC are not new technologies as they’ve been on the market for 30 years, it is only recently that I have found them to be reliable. We had our own crafts person in office, who served us faithfully for years and provided myself and my patients top quality porcelain and ceramic dental appliances; however, he wanted to retire and I needed a solution that could meet the increasingly demanding needs of my office and my patients. So, I decided to give the CEREC a try.
There are a number of benefits to the machining process. It makes it possible for me to attend to your needs more quickly and with greater accuracy. While a skilled technician can produce beautiful and durable work, a machine with a properly trained team can produce a permanent much more quickly and efficiently. The system also provides the capacity to create your crown or other restoration with minimal prep and adjustment. Because we have a digital impression of your mouth, we can easily make adjustments and create something that will fit you perfectly. The potential for human error is greatly reduced, and this means we can not only save more of the tooth, but likely provide your appliance to you in less time and potentially less cost. While the cost factor is not guaranteed, this will certainly help you with time because there is no need to come back for a return visit to get the permanent placed.
The CEREC machine can produce your restorations, cosmetic additions, and other appliances from a number of highly durable materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and zirconia. Under the right circumstances, you could theoretically create a full implant system in the CEREC, furthering the opportunities for same day implants. And with the ability to manufacture nearly every kind of appliance and prosthetic for dentistry, the machine can provide you with your new bridge, implant, or crown without the potential for expensive waste and taking more time out of your busy schedule.
And with this miraculous technology, I am now able to get even closer to the ideal results with every patient. With computer aided design, the reduction in margin of error and the minutia (impossibly small adjustments and customizations) that a machine is capable of, can improve your satisfaction with your treatment. While I have always used master technicians, even the most experienced and skilled can still make mistakes and are unable to make many of the tiny adjustments that a machine is capable of.
Our new CEREC machine and CAD/CAM software is here now to serve you and provide you with an even better dental experience than we provided before. Remember, when you come to Zadeh Dentistry, you are the celebrity and our mission is to provide you with the best cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive dentistry that Los Angeles and Beverly Hills has to offer. And with the addition of this new feature, we can provide you with your smile makeover, veneers, full mouth reconstruction, or any of your other dental needs in less time and less inconvenience. Why not try same-day dentistry today?

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