Having perfect, white teeth has become a norm for our society. The appearance of your teeth are often associated with confidence, health, and good hygiene. This was not always the case, as our teeth are not naturally pure white. Up until only the latter half of the 20th century, only the very young had white teeth. Just like getting gray hair, yellowing teeth were accepted as part of aging. However, the media and celebrities have changed the standards for our smiles. Just as you never see wrinkles or dyed roots on a celebrity, you do not expect a healthy person to have discolored teeth. This has created a great deal of demand for porcelain veneers.

What Are Veneers? smile makeover beverly hills

Veneers are a thin, translucent shell of porcelain that fit over your existing teeth. They are frequently used to fix crooked, misaligned, or oddly shaped teeth. In cases of discoloration, bleaching treatments are rigorously used before this treatment is recommended. If whitening treatments are not enough, Dr. Zadeh will discuss your options.

There are always considerations when undergoing any form of cosmetic dentistry, and Dr. Zadeh will happily walk you through the whole process. With his conservative approach, veneers are one of the most affordable options for fixing badly discolored, chipped, or crooked teeth. With their versatility, a perfect Hollywood smile can be yours in as little as two visits.

Porcelain veneers are great for:

  • Fixing small deficiencies in your smile, such as crooked teeth, chips, and discoloration, or oddly shaped or small teeth.
  • Improving the evenness of your smile, especially if you do not want or require extensive orthodontic work.
  • If your teeth are stained internally — veneers can restore the natural brilliance of your smile.
  • Repairing damage to teeth, such as small chips, pits, and cracks, that do not require dental crowns.
  • Protecting your teeth from staining and decay.
  • Giving you a more beautiful smile in as little as one or two visits!

How Many Veneers Do People Normally Get?

The number you may need depend on the case and on what approach your cosmetic dentist recommends. Most patients only require 1 or 2 to ‘iron out’ the wrinkles of their smiles. This conservative approach is favored by many dentists, who see veneers as an enhancement rather than a reformative tool. People with more extensive cases or who desire a total smile makeover may need 4, 5, 6, even 10 veneers! It comes down to what you want and what the doctor recommends. Most dentists attempt to use the minimum required to get the desired results.

Some dentists may push more drastic approaches as they lack the skill and care needed to create a natural looking smile. Getting dental veneers applied is a delicate process that requires years of practice and skill to master. Just because your dentist is a great general dentist, this does not mean they are a great cosmetic dentist. Nor do they have the skill to properly administer veneers.

Less ethical dentists use them as to charge you more money. If you feel your dentist is pushing more veneers than you are comfortable with, do not hesitate to get a second opinion. Dr. Zadeh offers second opinions for no cost. He will tell you what you really need in a straight-forward, honest manner. You can then make an informed decision with no obligation.

In some cases, with a slightly cracked or damaged tooth, dental bonding is all that is required. If you have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed, then a porcelain crown may be recommended.

How Does The Process Work?

When you get your veneers applied, you will be given local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable through the procedure. After you are numbed, Dr. Zadeh will remove some of your enamel. This gives your veneers a surface to fit onto. The procedure is not unlike getting a filling or inlay placed. However, with all of Dr. Zadeh’s dentistry, you do have the option for IV sedation dentistry. We often recommend this for patients who have longer procedures or smile makeovers. Phobic patients may also opt for sedation.

During your first procedure, you will receive temporaries to protect your smile while your permanent veneers are manufactured by our CEREC machine. If you are only getting one or two veneers, you may be able to walk out with your permanents the same day as your fitting appointment! Following your procedure, you may feel some minor sensitivity to hot and cold. If you have any concerns, please feel free to speak with the Doctor. He will help find an option that works for you. Any sensitivity should go away within a couple of days.

Dr. Zadeh crafts your veneers with his state of the art CEREC machine. This gives him absolute control over the quality and reduces the cost of your porcelain veneers. He also tries to use the thinnest, most conservative veneer placement to preserve as much of your tooth as possible. Your veneers will also be matched to your teeth using various colors grades and materials to give you the natural, beautiful smile you always wanted. You will never walk away with bad veneers or bulky ‘horse teeth’.

teeth-whiteningThe Advantages of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have a number of advantages. They are highly resistant to staining and decay. That means that your teeth will remain radiant for years to come. Even if you regularly enjoy coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco. You also will have to worry about fewer cavities on the surfaces of your teeth.

With their versatility, Dr. Zadeh has the expertise to fit you with veneers that compliment and improve your individual features. This is great for patients who might otherwise be embarrassed by the discoloration or flaws of their smile that cannot be treated with bonding or traditional whitening techniques. Veneers are also easy to care for; only requiring normal brushing, flossing, and checkups to maintain!

Porcelain veneers also offer a great alternative to more time consuming orthodontic work. The process used to correct minor flaws from crowding, crooked teeth, and other shortcomings is called instant orthodontics. You can have a perfect, straight smile in just a few office visits! This prevents you from going through months or even years of orthodontic treatment, especially if you only have minor misalignment of your teeth.

There is one distinct disadvantage to veneers. They need to be replaced regularly, so be aware of this before committing to them. High quality veneers last upwards of 10 to 15 years. However, ten years is recommended for routine replacement. Veneers are made of a porcelain that is not as sturdy as your natural teeth and will wear out more quickly. Remember, nature provided your teeth with the best material possible, so try to maintain your teeth in their natural state for as long as you can!

The good news is: If you maintain good dental hygiene and go with a conservative approach, veneers will be very affordable over the course of your treatment. That said: do not let yourself get railroaded into more veneers than you need. Not only will the upfront costs be astronomical, your costs down the road will be equally painful. Again, if you feel pressured, please get a second opinion. You will be glad you did.

Lumineers: An Alternative to Traditional Porcelain Veneers

While traditional veneers can repair and restore the brilliance of a smiles, sometimes a patient may be uncomfortable with removing part of their teeth to get the desired results. This is where an alternative called Lumineers comes into play. The staining or misalignment of a patient’s teeth may not severe enough to require a permanent veneer but is too severe for bleaching, or orthodontic work is too extreme for a minor flaw. As a result, Lumineers can provide you with the results you want in a fully reversible process. They serve as a wonderful middle ground, and many of our patients swear by them!

You can view more before-and-after photos of porcelain veneers in our smile gallery.

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