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Meet Your Beverly Hills Implant Dentist | Dr. Parsa Zadeh

Never Settle for Less!

  • Ethical & Compassionate Care
  • All Procedures Done In-House under Sedation
  • Specializing In Fearful Patients With Serious Concerns
  • Over 25 years of Specialized Care
  • Over 25 years of Teaching Dentistry
  • Founder & President of Global Academy of Oral Implantology
Dr. Zadeh’s GumLift® gummy smile procedure can rebalance the ratio of teeth to gums and give you the radiant smile you dreamed of. With nearly 30 years of experience in this procedure, Dr. Zadeh is unmatched. Don’t suffer with a gummy smile anymore!
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Implants can give you a replacement for missing teeth. With proper care and visits to your dentist, dental implants can last the rest of your life. Don’t settle for anything else when you can have permanent, natural looking teeth! Request your visit with the beverly hills implant dentist today!
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Rejuvenate your appearance and look years younger. No matter who you are, if you have numerous things about your smile you are unhappy with, Dr. Zadeh can give you a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction.
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Get The Smile You’ve Always Deserved

Your smile is the first thing most people notice when they meet you. It is also seen as a reflection of who you are. Why not have the best smile possible? With nearly 30 years of being the Best Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills, Dr. Zadeh gifted his many patients with Hollywood ready smiles. No matter who they were, even patients who felt their cases were hopeless, were delighted to find out they could get the smile they’ve always deserved.  Working from the ground up, treating any oral health problems like gum and periodontal disease, he creates the healthy foundation for a beautiful smile. And as everyone knows, a beautiful smile is nothing if it isn’t healthy.

With the foundations in place, we can get a better idea of what treatments might be required for improving your smile. Some patients come in expecting crowns, veneers, and other treatments to help repair and restore their smile. The good news, is many of them leave after only a few sessions, often never requiring any additional cosmetic work!

For the vast majority of our patients, proper cleanings, treatment for any gum conditions, and a few whitening treatments are more than enough to give them the smile that they want. As you get older, sometimes crowns, veneers, and bridges or implants become necessary, but if you follow our treatment plans, you will probably keep most of your natural teeth for your entire life!  Dr. Zadeh wants you to get your ideal results with minimal treatment and will always find a conservative treatment plan to fit your needs. We ensure that when you visit Dr. Zadeh’s office, he will become your go-to beverly hills implant dentist and more.

When you visit us, you will be welcomed by our compassionate staff and treated like a celebrity. We want you to be comfortable during your visits, and provide a number of spa-like amenities such as a massage chair, espresso machine, and paraffin wax hand baths before and during your treatment to help you relax. Your health, comfort, and happiness are our priorities and we sincerely want you to enjoy coming to the dentist. That is the Best Implant Dentist Beverly Hills Dr. Zadeh Difference.

With our state of the art office, CEREC machine, and imaging equipment, we can specifically tailor your treatment to you, taking your whole mouth and appearance into account. This allows us to create a perfect smile with less hassle and guess work. No matter the extent of your treatment plan, you will never leave with anything less than a healthy, beautiful smile.

We also welcome emergency dental appointments. We can open our office anytime based on need and availability. If you are having a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to call! Someone is there to help you. Trust that Dr. Parsa Zadeh is the most well respected cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills.

If you are ready for the smile of your dreams, please call 310.273.2020 to reach our office or email us for a free, no obligation consultation today!

Jackie Ramirez
19:18 28 Aug 18
I would highly recommend Dr. Zadeh to anybody that is looking to improve their smile, it’s been a wonderful life-changing experience. You will not regret coming to Dr.Zadeh and his wonderful warm staff. I’ve had gum lifting and my four front teeth done and I’m very pleased and happy with the more
Christi Thornton
17:07 01 Sep 18
My experience with Dr Zadeh and his staff has been exemplary! The professionalism start once you enter the office! Here you are greeted by such warm, sweet spirits that always possess beautiful smiles. And they are Pretty!!!!I was very unhappy with my smile and my husband insisted I make an appointment to see Dr Zadeh. I am so glad I did! It was the best decision I made all year that year! Dr Zadeh explained to me what he can do to make me love my smile all over again and he gave me options. When we agreed on the best course of action for me, at that moment I felt so much better. We had a plan and I knew in the end I would be completly satisfied with this new smile Dr Zadeh was going to give me! Dr Zadeh has the kind of spirit you can Trust! He has undeniable integrity, compassion, care and concern.My every visit has been a personal one where they are all thoughtful, patient and kind. I remember one visit my Mom had to pick me up and she got lost in the parking structure. Sure enough his staff left the office and found her! Who does that? Dr Zadeh's staff! So grateful I was!We are on track with my new smile and I feel really pretty!From the bottom of my heart I would refer my worst enemy to Dr Zadeh because his extraordinary work has to be shared with the world!Love, Love, Love me some Dr Zadeh!!!!!!! And his Wonderful Staff!!!!!read more
Mordechai Rabinowitz
07:40 14 Jun 18
It has been nine years since I first underwent sinus surgery with Dr. Zadeh. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and praise his extraordinary professional talents and patient manner. He totally changed my quality of life and gave me a new lease on life. I can't praise Dr. Zadeh highly enough in every respect. Thank you))read more
kimberly bryant
20:51 30 Aug 18
I love my dentist, dr Z is the best he is highly proffesional, and i want to thank him for restoring my smile back. His staff is AWESOME and friendly. Thank youread more
Pat Woodard
18:01 05 Sep 18
Dr. Zadeh I just wanted to share with you the beautiful staff that everyone is amazing. Your office is beautiful and your music more
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