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Porcelain veneers have become a popular cosmetic treatment over the past couple decades, as they produce gorgeous smiles for people of all ages. However, they are also one of the dental procedures that is incredibly easy to do incorrectly. When striving to look their best on a budget, many people find themselves going to dentists who are either offering ”discount veneers” or do not have the expertise to properly place dental veneers.

Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh has seen many patients who have come in, often after only a year or two of having their veneers placed, who need their work either repaired or outright replaced because their veneers were done improperly or were made of inferior material. Many dentists in the Beverly Hills area offer veneers as a course of treatment, but this is a risky proposition. Just because a dentist is a great general dentist, does not mean they are a great cosmetic dentist! It takes a lot of special training and an eye for detail to place veneers that are both long lasting and look natural. Inconsistencies in practice, skill and ability can not only affect general dentistry outcomes but can have an amazing impact on cosmetic and restorative dentistry outcomes.

Help! I Have Bad Veneers — What Should I Do?

Bad veneers can be a costly and embarrassing problem, especially if they are broken or do not properly match your teeth.

The Most Common “Bad Veneer” Problems:

  • The appearance of bulky or “horse” teeth.
  • Incorrect or poorly done seams.
  • Too much of the tooth is removed, and a veneer is not enough to protect or surround the underlying structure.
  • Materials are too uniform or not mixed properly, creating an unnatural or mottled appearance.
  • Use of metals or adhesives that may not be strong enough to hold the veneer to your tooth over time.

Most of the time, bad veneers happen when work is done cheaply or with obsolete techniques. Poor quality cements, the use of metal or cheap materials can create veneers that stain easily, change color over time or even break. At Dr. Zadeh’s office, only the highest quality and strictest controls are used to create and match veneers to your face and smile, ensuring that your veneers will match your teeth and mouth properly. Many discount cosmetic dentists offer veneers that can quite simply be wrong for many patients. A lack of skill, care or other factors can result in treatments that not only appear unnatural or uneven but also damage their patients’ teeth! In worst case scenarios, the patient may even lose more of their tooth and require a crown to cover the remaining structure if the sanding necessary to place a veneer was too aggressive.

If a patient has a heavy bite or tends to clench and grind their teeth, a heavier material is required. As veneers are a thin shell of ceramic or porcelain, they can easily be broken if not made properly or matched correctly to the patient. It is very important to assess a patient’s habits, both normal and parafunctional, to determine what type of veneer is appropriate for them. This is where Dr. Zadeh and his master technician come into play. Both the doctor and technician will work together to create veneers that can stand up to the stress and pressures of your mouth, teeth and lifestyle.

Sometimes, your veneers might not match your smile or fit your mouth properly, giving you the appearance of “horse teeth” or Chiclets. Veneers that fit properly and match the rest of your teeth are very important to a natural appearance. These problems often occur when coloring and tooth size is not properly accounted for prior to their placement. With an exquisite attention to detail, Dr. Zadeh will create a set of veneers for you that look and feel as if they were your natural teeth.

I’m Thinking About Veneers, And I Want Them Done Right

Great news! When you come to Dr. Zadeh’s office, your veneers will be done correctly the first time. Having performed thousands of dental veneer placements in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Zadeh is almost without equal. He is a master of repairing, replacing and fixing improperly done veneers. If you are new to veneers, you will be given nothing less than the highest quality treatment and care to ensure that your experience is both enjoyable and gets the results you want. Do not ever settle for less. And if you have? Dr. Zadeh can easily turn it from an embarrassment into the smile of your dreams.

If you have previously had veneers done that you are dissatisfied with, our dentist and caring team can also help you correct or fix any aspect you are not happy with. Please give us a call today at 310-273-2020 or email our appointment coordinator to have a no-obligation consultation and review of any work you have had done.

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