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Our practice has been designed with balanced lighting and sound privacy to ensure your comfort and help you receive the high-quality care you deserve. Your oral health, smile and comfort are our top priorities, and you can count on Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh and our team to go the extra mile for you.

Balanced Lighting

Dr. Zadeh and our team have gone to great lengths to balance the lighting in our office, particularly in our treatment areas. This allows us to have various light sources to “test” your teeth under different types of lighting and ensure that your cosmetic dental work matches your other teeth and is exactly what you had in mind.

Dr. Zadeh has also written an article about color balancing light in dental offices that was published in Dentistry Today! Read the article here!

Sound Privacy

We believe that what is said between patients and our staff is not for anyone else to hear. As a result, we have specially-designed sound-proof doors for our rooms so that you can expect full privacy when you discuss your dental health issues with any member of our staff. We have also installed sound insulation above the ceilings and inside the walls for your added benefit. Furthermore, we have installed acoustic boards inside the rooms to create a more comfortable and cozier ambiance. In fact, the rooms are so quiet that patients have dozed off during exams and cleanings! We pride ourselves on making you feel as comfortable as possible while you are in our care, and so we expect our offices to be top notch. We are confident that you will find a visit to our offices both relaxing and comforting. No one will take better care of you than we will.

We welcome you to call us at 310-273-2020 to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentist and learn more about balanced lighting and sound privacy in our dental office in Beverly Hills, California.