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Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh has appeared on the Health and Wellness hours of local television and news stations. Check out our videos to see his presentations and learn more about oral healthcare in Beverly Hills, California. Call us today at 310-273-2020 for more information or to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist.

Replacing Missing Teeth


No matter how bad your teeth are, there is always something that can be done to get your smile back. Full-mouth reconstruction is an option for those who are in need of total arch restoration using full-mouth implants. Not only will your teeth look brand new, but it can also increase functionality and boost your confidence instantly. Dr. Zadeh can help you at a low cost because he manufactures the implants. He does restoration so frequently that he is the most competitive when it comes to affordability. Dr. Zadeh has devoted 30 years his life to implant and cosmetic dentistry. If you are missing teeth, it is not too late to get your smile back with a new set of teeth when you go to Dr. Zadeh.

Treating Gummy Smiles


Gumlift® may be the right solution for you if you have an excessively gummy smile. In the past, gum surgery was not considered cosmetic and often was unheard of. It was only used for those whose gumlines would prevent good hygiene. The past procedure done for the removal of excess gums was also only temporary, with long-term effects only appearing in 5% of patients who received it. Today, gum surgery is often provided for cosmetic concern as well as for improving our oral health. As the inventor of the Gumlift®, Dr. Zadeh has unprecedented experience that allows him to create results few dentists could match.

Options for Denture Wearers


Dr. Zadeh suggests you toss out your dentures and get a new set of teeth implants while asleep. Unfortunately, the cons of having dentures do not outweigh the benefits. With better treatments now available, why settle for a solution with a high amount of maintenance and a low amount of functionality? With his experience in implant dentistry, Dr. Zadeh came up with his own solution to dentures. His innovative implant system allows patients to receive a full set of new teeth while sedated at an affordable price. Patients feel comfortable and often fall asleep while receiving his Implanova® implants and wake up with a brand-new smile.

Same-Day Dentistry


Implanova® is one of the only suitable solutions for same-day dental implants. After an initial consultation with Dr. Zadeh, the next time you come to his office, you are able to receive a brand-new smile. This means you are able to receive your permanent new teeth the same day you get your teeth removed. There is no longer a waiting period to receive your implants or months without teeth. His Implanova® system is a true “new teeth in a day” implant system.

Sedation Dentistry


Two groups of people qualify for sedation surgery. The first is those with dental anxiety who avoid the dentists at all cost. The second are busy people who need two or more procedures and who would prefer to handle all of their dental surgeries at once. The main benefit of sedation is that it causes amnesia for patients, so while patients are awake during surgery, often times they do not remember anything that happened while sedated.

Single Tooth Implants


If you only need to fix a single tooth, should you get an implant or a bridge? There are statistics that show bridges actually “doom” the tooth and surrounding teeth for failure. This is because the procedure for bridges requires adjacent teeth to be carved down and then tension is put on surrounding teeth. Now, you can get your tooth back with an implant. It is cheaper even than a bridge at Dr. Zadeh’s office in Beverly Hills, his main dental practice, where he is the manufacturer of the implant system he uses: Implanova®.

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