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Wisdom teeth are commonly removed in adolescents and adults. They easily become impacted and are prone to decay and infections due to crowding. Despite the fact many people have teeth that are removed in their lifetimes, wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth throughout all adult age groups.

If you are having a wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth removed, especially if they are below the gumline, treat it like you had major surgery. You will likely be sedated for your wisdom tooth removal, so make arrangements to be driven home. Your parent, significant other or a friend are all great options. We can also call a ride-sharing service if you are unable to make arrangements or something falls through.

During the procedure, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh will make incisions to remove impacted wisdom teeth that are unable to erupt. Incisions may also be made to make the removal of an erupted or partially erupted tooth easier. Once your wisdom tooth or teeth are removed, he will suture the incisions and you will be given instructions on how to avoid complications like dry socket. You are highly encouraged to avoid eating spicy, chewy, or hard and potentially sharp foods like chips, as they can cut or cause pain with the tender areas after your extraction.

Sometimes, after a wisdom tooth extraction, you can experience dry socket. While dry socket can happen with any tooth, it is particularly common with wisdom teeth. This problem occurs when the clot protecting the bone, nerves and gum tissue dissolves or becomes dislodged, creating a potential for infection that lasts five to six days. The condition itself is painful but easily treatable. If for any reason you get dry socket or the area of extraction becomes infected, come back to our office, and Dr. Zadeh or one of his assistants will gladly clean the pocket of debris and bacteria, rinse it out, and give you a special balm to promote healing.

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