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I have not placed a single amalgam filling in my practice for the past 12 years not because they are unhealthy or bio-incompatible but because there are better looking and longer lasting materials that are now available to us. If someone does not mind the metal look, I place gold inlays, which are much longer lasting than silver fillings. You may ask then why a handful of dentists make such big deal of removing the silver fillings and how they are removed. I say this on record that it is not necessary to remove serviceable silver fillings for any health reasons. Granted, they do not look good, and if somebody wants them removed for cosmetic reasons, I have no problem with that. However, they can be safely removed by the ordinary dental drill that is cooled by water. The only way amalgam can get “disintegrated” and release “mercury” is that the filling is heated to redness! If a dentist’s method heats the tooth to redness (!) there would be much more immediate and serious problems with that procedure than any possible long-term effects from mercury vapor! Following is my guide for dental filling materials:

  1. Longest lasting: Cast gold inlays and onlays — It could be the last time you get any filling on that tooth. Looks yellow gold and is pricy.
  2. Best looking: Empress porcelain inlays and onlays — Most natural looking, better than average life and pricy.
  3. Least expensive: Silver amalgam — Average life, gray-black look, easy to place and hence inexpensive.
  4. Good looks, average price and average life— Composite resins, also called porcelain fillings.

I was amazed to come across a dental site the other day that was still using the old song and dance about safe removal of “poisonous” dental amalgam. I thought after years of being consistently defeated in every court they have filed complaints in that the so-called holistic dentistry groups have softened their rhetoric. Yes, conspiracies do exist in certain levels, but I cannot believe for one moment that the entire dental scientific community and the entire judiciary system in 50 states are conspiring together to lie to the American public that dental amalgam is safe to use while it is slowly poisoning consumers to death. Neither do I believe that over a hundred thousand dentists in this country who have taken the oath to do no harm to their patients are harming their patients by practicing bio-incompatible dentistry and only the handful who have paid a $1000 membership fee for a holistic dentistry organization have the welfare of their patients in mind!

Once again, I would like to reiterate that, yes, mercury in its pure original liquid form is poison. If anybody tries to feed you liquid mercury, you should run and report that person for assault and attempted murder. Similarly, chlorine in its original gas form is a lethal poison. If anyone tries to make you inhale chlorine you should also run and report him too! Sodium in its original solid form is a very unstable metal that brightly “burns” when it comes in contact with water. However, knowing these facts about chlorine and sodium does not prevent any sensible person’s continuing use of table salt, sodium chloride, in their daily diet. Imagine how ridiculous a nutritionist or “food expert” would sound if they call table salt “chlorine powder” and declare it lethally poisonous! If they warn against disposing of table salt in the sewer system, devise special clean up methods and expensive machinery for “chlorine removal” from millions of American kitchens and sell a more expensive and not as good tasting substitute for table salt, would you not call this group of so-called experts charlatans?

A few years ago when a dentist from Colorado made obvious false scientific statements about amalgam safety, his license was suspended. Interestingly, the few dentists who try to mislead the public into believing that their dental silver fillings are poisoning them (and they are the only game in town that can restore their health by removing them safely), do not make these actual obviously false statements for the fear of action against their licenses. Instead they go on a tangent by talking about “holistic dentistry,” “biocompatible dentistry,” “the role of nutrition in health,” “mercury poisoning,” “neurological effects of mercury exposure,” “metal-free dentistry,” “green dental offices,” “heavy metals and Alzheimer’s,” and a host of other absolutely irrelevant but fear provoking phrases that a dentist has no business even discussing with them on a professional level. Come on now, you cannot ordinarily have two dentists agree on a simple treatment modality unless you pay the second one (as expert witness) to agree with the first one. How would you then explain that over a hundred thousand of us throughout the United States agree on this particular matter? Is it possible that dental amalgams are truly safe and no systemic diseases have ever been linked to them scientifically?

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