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Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. But they do come with a host of problems. These become particularly pronounced as you wear them over the years. Dentures can be easily lost, broken if dropped, or misplaced. You also have to endure excessive use of sticky, often unpleasant products like Seabond® or Fixodent to properly seat your dentures!

Improperly fitted or loose dentures can result in a great deal of inconvenience and embarrassment. If you are unhappy with the fit of your dentures, then it is time to call our dentist, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh, about getting your loose dentures fixed! Fixing your dentures rids you of the inconvenience that comes with removable dentures and helps you enjoy your life and smile that much more.

Fixing a Common Problem

Whether you want us to fashion a new bridge for you or modify your dentures with mini implants, Dr. Zadeh can help fasten your dentures in your mouth. While the process varies from patient to patient, Dr. Zadeh can make a fixed bridge based on your current dentures or alter them to accept implants. They are then placed in your mouth with mini implants. The latter procedure has become increasingly popular in the past few years and has provided thousands of patients with comfortable, permanent dentures.

This procedure is also remarkably affordable compared to other options for replacing missing teeth. Rather than doing full tooth replacements with implants or large bridges, this treatment option takes a tried and true appliance and gives it additional security. This greatly reduces the costs of restoring your teeth. You will only need a few mini implants as anchor points to make sure your dentures stay in place. This potentially saves you thousands of dollars and provides a solution that is durable and attractive!

The Process of Fixing Loose Dentures

When securing your lower denture, two implants are usually used to create an anchoring point. Lower dentures actually have a more difficult time staying put because there is no suction to help keep them in place. As lower dentures require an adhesive and the suction of the cheeks and tongue to stay put, they are harder to fit properly without movement and other annoyances such as sore gums. Two implants are used to create the anchor.

Upper denture fastenings are actually less difficult to fit but require more implants to make sure they stay in place because of gravity and the conditions of your mouth. The implants increase stability and allow our dentist to remove the bulky palate part of the denture. With the palate removed, you can enjoy your food more and your mouth will function far more naturally. With two to four implants, you can have the required anchoring to give your denture a perfect fit with perfect stability. If you require a full-mouth denture, you may require six mini implants.

You can opt to have your dentures permanently fixed. They become more like a bridge and can only be removed and adjusted when you visit Dr. Zadeh. Or you can opt for removable dentures so that you can take them out at your convenience. Either way, your dentures will feel more natural, and you can enjoy a natural-looking smile and feel of chewing your food without messy adhesives. Patients who get their dentures fixed love the fact that they no longer are required to deal with the mess and often foul taste of dental adhesives.

If you are unable to accept implants, there are other options, such as reforming your dentures as a fixed bridge or using a professional-grade adhesive to hold them in place between adjustments and appointments.

A Great Option for Seniors

It may seem like a stereotype, but the most common users of bridges and dentures are senior citizens. We have also discussed the fact that dental implants and implant-related procedures are a great option for seniors in our blog. Many seniors opted for dentures originally because they were a tried, true and economical way to replace their missing and damaged teeth, and they might not have otherwise wanted or were unable pay for a fixed bridge or dental implants. With improvements in dental technology, many of these techniques have become readily affordable and, in some cases, may be covered by various medical and dental insurances.

If you are prone to forgetting your dentures, have lost them in the past or are just tired of them moving around in your mouth, getting fixed dentures is a great option. When you are ready to forget about these inconveniences, give Dr. Zadeh a call at 310-273-9919 or email us for your free, initial, no-obligation denture maintenance consultation in Beverly Hills, California!